50% of YouTube viewers use it to learn new things

How many of you take YouTube's help when doing something new? Well, not sure about you guys, but whenever I work on a new Formula in MS Excel or disassemble a different model of laptop or need to design something on a new software like Adobe illustrator or Autocad, I search on YouTube to get a clear idea. I have learned how to make a wooden table from YouTube videos, too. Many searches I have made on YouTube may be weird for you, but this is the fact.

Well, I am not alone in this regards. According to Pew Research Center's study, more than 50% of the YouTube users in the U.S. admitted that YouTube is their first stop when they are in need of learning something totally new. That is 35 percent of all the adults in the US.

Not only education but many others reasons were revealed behind YouTube's usage, like:
  • 19 percent users take guidance from YouTube before purchasing something new
  • Another 19 percent said that they use YouTube to get updated of the World's news
  • Interestingly, 29 percent of the users said that they use it to pass their time
So, it can be understood now that how I use YouTube. It really helps when you see a product in a realistic way and take reviews from the user. I keep myself updated of the new events through YouTube and check out hot takes on YouTube.

However, YouTube is not the most reliable source for news and updates as conspiracy theories and misinformation can be found on it. 64% of the visitors who answered this survey, said that sometimes they find the videos that are based on false facts. 60% of the users admitted that they find dangerous behavior in the videos sometimes, while 11% said that they often find abusive content on YouTube.

The study also observed the children's consumption habits. 81% of parents said that they allow their children to watch YouTube videos while 34% admitted that their kids are allowed to use YouTube regularly. 60% of the parents said that they found the content on YouTube that is not appropriate for their kids' age. 1/5 of all the recommended videos are aimed towards children.

Many Turn to YouTube for Children’s Content, News, How-To Lessons
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