Huawei Aiming towards the Top Position by Leaving behind Apple for the First Time

If we look upon in last 5 to 6-years data, it was clearly evident that Huawei will dominate the mobile market in future but no one was expecting it will cover the gap with such a speed. Currently, Huawei surpassed Apple and took the second position in the overall global market. In the last 3 months from July to September Huawei delivers almost 53 million units around the world that put closer to Samsung which supplied 73 million mobile over the last quarter leaving the Apple behind in third place with 46.9 million units sale.
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Therefore Huawei is ready to challenge Samsung to grab the 1st position in mobile Industry. However, Huawei is still far behind from Apple and Samsung in terms of revenue generation. Apple generates 37 billion dollars of revenue in the last quarter of the year that is the huge share in the mobile industry. But still, we can say that a Chinese giant Huawei somehow broke the dominance of Samsung and Apple in sheer volume of sale. If the thing went in the same direction, one day it might cross Apple and Samsung in terms of revenue as well. In my opinion, now Apple and Samsung should take Huawei as a future biggest market threat.

Huawei Inches Towards the Top of the Smartphone Market
Chart source: Statista.

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