Hackers Put 20,000 Pakistani Debit Cards Detail on Dark Web

Last week news has been broken among the different local newspapers of Pakistan regarding hacking accounts data of Islami Bank. It is considered to be Pakistan biggest hacking attack of all time, that does not only cost the bank about 2.6 million PKR (20000 dollars) loss but at the same time, it badly damaged the bank overall reputation.

Later on Tuesday, the FIA spokesperson revealed during an investigation that this hacking was not limited to just one bank, but alarmingly it has affected all the local banks of Pakistan. Though, the local intelligence agency is finding out the culprit behind this all. Several people were arrested and interrogation is under process.

However, it is assumed that about 20,000 account holder’s data has been hacked and those all data went on sale in the dark web, all cards were up for sale from anywhere between $100 to $160. Though, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued the warning and asked the banks to upgrade their security immediately till that all the international transaction are held on. SBP rejected the statements and tweeted that, “SBP would like to emphasize that except for the incident of Oct 27th, 2018 in which reportedly the IT Security of one bank was compromised, no other breach has been reported.”

How Hackers Obtained Account Holder Data?

There might be three possibilities hacker infiltrated to obtain the data which are
  • ATM Skimming
  • Social Engineering (Information is stolen by petrol pump shopping centers, restaurants when you pay through card)
  • System breach (Hackers infiltrated into a Bank’s secure system)
So once this data is compromised, it is compiled to sell online, usually over the dark web.

Following is the list of affected banks taken from the Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team (PakCERT) that are affected by the recent attack.

20,000 Pakistani debit card details surface on the dark web
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