Google Chrome introduces an ad-block feature for websites showing spam-ads

Google is again stepping up to fight the abusive ad problem that many of us experience on regular basis. Yes, the Chrome 71 will now block every ad on a site that shows them constantly.

Abusive ads are a common feature for web browsers. These ads come in many forms. However, generating fake system messages, redirecting you to other pages, and attempting to steal personal information are some of the main tricks to manipulate your browser and user experience.

Before the recent update, Google introduced a Chrome 68 in July that prevents websites from opening new tabs and windows. The Chrome 71 is scheduled to be released in December and will provide website owners a 30-day probation period to clean up their site from abusive ads. Failure to abide by this will put Chrome in action that will block every ad on the site – regardless of it being abusive or not.
"Stronger protections ensure users can interact with their intended content on the web, without abusive experiences getting in the way." wrote Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager at Google Chrome in a blog post.
Of course, the internet users can turn the filtering off but a majority of them are likely to leave their settings on default causing Google to flag a huge number of ads and affecting the website’s revenue. Since Google has a significant power over the internet – website owners should start clearing up their site in order to prevent any bad marking.
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Chrome 71 blocks all ads on websites that display too many popups

Source: Chromium Blog.
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