LinkedIn adds a new algorithm to generate more engagement from the users

Have you noticed an enhanced activity in your LinkedIn updates?

According to the latest post published on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog, the social network for professionals recently updated their algorithm in order to generate more engagement on the user’s posts. The change came after the company realized that users were not posting as many updates because their previous algorithm relied mostly on content from top creators.

"More than a million posts, videos, and articles flow through the LinkedIn feed each day.", claimed Bonnie Barrilleaux, LinkedIn's Data science manager.

LinkedIn in the blog post comments that since the beginning of this year, the technical staff had been noticing less and less engagement from the users. The company also observed that the top 1% power users and influencers received the most engagement while the majority was receiving less than ever. As a result, users published even less content.
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The analytics team of LinkedIn also published that users who received more than 10+ likes on their posts were 17% more likely to publish again the following week when compared to those who post but did not get any reaction.

Nevertheless, instead of simply letting the matter be – the company tried to tackle the issue by adding a new algorithm to the app. According to the official announcement, the new algorithm will determine how much a user is appreciated through feedback.

Since implementation, the company claims to see an array of content on news feed while users are also publishing more posts. Of course, the top users might not notice the change but the update seems to be working effectively.

LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Generate More Engagement for Users

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