AI Art: Adobe new feature "Characterizer" makes you into Animation

Adobe always brings some interesting features with their product. This time also Adobe continue the legacy of bringing some interesting feature in their upcoming software. Adobe is expected to roll out impressive tool known as Characterizer.

Characterizer is not a new concept. The tool was first publicly presented during Adobe’s Sneak Peaks session at Max event last year, though it was then called ‘Puppetron. 'Characterizer' tool, work cleverly by taking your picture from different angles to analyze the face structure and then convert your picture into animated motion. Combining users' face-structure with reference artwork to create motion-capture puppets, into its Character Animator app.

Thanks in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, as it plays a vital role in this feature, I am very much sure that this will revolutionize the art and design industry in the near future.

Adobe Sensei AI-powered animation tool will bring more creative possibilities with Characterizer, lowering the barriers to unique puppet creation and add new features that will enhance animation, including Replays, Magnets, and more.

Adobe Characterizer turns you into an animated drawing with the power of AI

To start with the app, users have to give it several images of their different facial expression. This will enable the AI to make accurate motion tracking, then, users have to feed it a piece of art, such as a portrait or cartoon, to determine the visual style of the character. After that, Adobe' Sensei Artificial Intelligence will analyze the images, and smartly combines the face pictures it gathered with the artwork.
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Furthermore, Characterizer has slider controls that allow the users to adjust the level of stylization, and to fine-tune facial regions and expressions to get the desired result. But the best part of this app is that this tool renders a fully editable puppet, that means by using the same control points and adjustable layers users would have with any Character Animator puppet. This means users can create the puppet that doesn’t have to look like them, nor resembling the portrait they have initially referenced.
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