Infographic: Industries with the Best and Worst LinkedIn Profile Pictures

To establish your online presence, having a great profile pic is necessary. This is more prevalent when branding your business and services on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides professionals from all walks of life a primary platform to connect with past, current, and potential clients. In fact, LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for professional content distribution.

A recent study by employment screening service JDP assessed the profile pictures of 2,000 LinkedIn members across 11 industries and uncovered what works and what does not on the networking site. Apart from facial expressions and attire of the professional photograph, JDP analyzed the overall picture quality, lightning, and resolution as well.

According to the infographic below, industries such as HR, marketing, and real estate qualified for having an A-grade profile photo while industries such as education, government, and retail professionals scored the lowest. In fact, one-quarter of health, wellness, and fitness workers had no photographs at all.

The best LinkedIn profile pic

As per the survey, the “smile” was an important factor in LinkedIn pictures. The survey found three-quarter of the participants to pose with a “full smile” while 12 percent had a “tight-lipped” smile and another 12 percent chose not to smile at all.

In the attire front, a majority of the members (42%) opt for a business casual look while 26% preferred the social or the evening look. Casual clothing such as t-shirts made up 8 % of the participants while 24% took pictures in a formal gown or suit.

Apart from clothing, 43% of LinkedIn profile pictures were professionally taken. surprisingly, most of these belong to the marketing, advertising, and real estate industry.

Look at the infographic below and see the important factors for a LinkedIn profile photo.
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These Are the Industries With the Best and Worst LinkedIn Profile Pictures (Infographic)

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