Turn A Static Image Into 3d Animated Videos With Adobe 'Moving Stills'

Several new tools and products were uncovered in the 2018 Adobe MAX event.
The tools and products unveiled at the event were:
  • PremiureRush CC - A full-fledge video-editing tool for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram creators.
  • New Photoshop CC - for iPad
  • Project Gemini - The handy tool for painters and illustrators
  • Characterize - AI supported tool to turn you into an animated illustration
  • Project Aero - The tool to design digital content
  • Moving Stills - The innovative technology to convert the static images into videos powered by Adobe Sensei.
Adobe further explained that Moving Stills will turn any image into an animation that will give a realistic 3d or 2.5D effect. To develop videos from a uniform image, Moving Still is supported by Adobe Sensei's deep learning. Normally, if an artist does it manually, it will take several hours to complete.

Adobe’s ‘Moving Stills’ Turns Static Images Into Live, Animated Photos and Videos

So, we can say that designers are going to be equipped with some powerful designing tools to fulfill their designing projects.

Adobe has recently announced various new tools and products and designers in the 2018 Adobe MAX event including Moving Stills and New Photoshop CC for iPad.
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