YouTube videos get a new look – Google discreetly redesigns video embeds

We have seen several changes in the YouTube layout over the past few years. In fact, the video-sharing company constantly comes up with new ways to improve the user’s experience. However, today, we noticed a quite big change with the video embeds that now appear with a fresher look and handy new shortcuts too.

Apparently, Google has quietly redesigned a new look for the YouTube video embeds and launched it within the past 24 hours. The format in use is a common feature that allows users to place videos directly from YouTube to the website. With a few changes in the design, the overall look of YouTube is impressive especially when you compare it with the previous one.

The most significant change on YouTube is the new channel shortcut that appears on the top left corner of the embed. When you hover your cursor over it, the full name of the channel is highlighted, along with the numbers of subscribers and an option to subscribe as well as upload notifications.

YouTube Revamps Look Of Video Embeds, Adds New Shortcuts To Boost Channel Growth

The right side of the page displays the custom sharing and “watch later” options.

Overall, the new look is a refreshing change and may be helpful for the creators. Nevertheless, the player itself remains the same and you will see no change in that.

Here's an example:

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