Social Media Use During Work Hours By Employees (Infographic)

The fact that people point out that using too much social media is an issue is no longer a myth. It's an actual issue for the companies with employees invested too much in social media activities. With about 77 percent having complete access to the internet and, hence, social media, about 18 percent use it for about 15 minutes, 19 percent for about an hour and about 5 percent for 2 hours.

But that’s not all, about 36 percent like to focus on their work with utmost dedication and block their social media usage during their work hours, of them, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the sites most commonly blocked in different percentages.

About 51 percent businesses have a social media policy, however, a certain percent of the employees of such offices still find social media as a distraction during their work.

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27 percent use this service for personal purposes and talk with friends and family during work hours.

These seemingly small statistics in terms of hours utilized on social media adds up to $6,422.50 loss in a year in US for one hour each day.

Problems with Social Media at Work

infographic source: Everfi.
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