How Internet Users Consume Online Content (Infographic)

It’s a proven fact that the content posted online has gotten less receptive from the audience as compared to, say, over 10 years ago. The viewers are merely interested in 20 percent of what you post and that too for a mere 8 seconds decreased from 12 seconds in the year 2000. This could have been due to various reasons, like more content than ever before, or perhaps people don’t really care that much now. Whatever may be the cause, this dilemma has escalated in the previous years.

Digital marketers are faced with the problem of producing new and innovative ideas to get the viewers hooked to the page in all this chaos of tons of content being posted for the similar topics on a daily basis.

GoGulf has produced an interesting infographic regarding this issue and it illustrates the pattern along which people read the content online. According to Time Magazine, as much as 55 percent of the visitors only give a brief skim of 15 seconds on average to a page that they opt for. Hence, you get an extremely limited time frame to impress the viewer and make him an avid reader before they close the tab.

How People Read Content Online – Statistics and Trends (infographic)

Infographic courtesy of: Go Gulf.
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