Constructive Criticism And Its Effect On The Performance Of A Team Or An Individual (INFOGRAPHIC)

Criticism is something that can make or break a person’s will to perform. It can be constructive as well as destructive if the selection of words is not done with care. Constructive criticism, it seems is quite essential for a person’s or a team’s growth. To know where you lack is sometimes difficult to decipher by yourself, you depend on the people observing you and giving a feedback accordingly for that purpose.

It's also necessary to receive someone’s criticism positively, that is if you want to see yourself grow and improve. This depends upon the person receiving the criticism more than the one giving it.

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Criticizing someone in a constructive manner in order to see them improve is an art to be learnt and practiced regularly. As a person doing his/her job with all the effort they could summon, telling them that it was not enough can make them lose heart in their work. So a collection of right words, right timing and the correct manner of tone must be kept while giving a feedback.

The following infographic perfectly directs how to criticize in a positive manner:

The 8 Commandments of Giving Constructive Criticism - infographic
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