Evolution of Office Spaces - #infographic

As the human race evolved over the past few decades, the office spaces also began to evolve. People began to slowly revolutionize their work spaces, according to their needs and technological advancements which were made alongside. Today's working state is also not permanent. It is bound to evolve too.

Starting from the 1950s, when the concept of personal cabins did not exist to the limited colours allowed in office, those times seemed to be very tough. Through the ages, the working hours decreased gradually, and the working areas became more personalized and comfortable, and are projected to become more home-centered in the future. However, the thing that has been prevalent throughout, is the gender disparity in the workforce. As of today, women still do not make 50% of the total working population, and are continued to be paid unequally for the same amount of work done.

This infographic timeline allows us to see how we have transformed as people. One should observe it and try to identify problems of today, and attempt to rectify them, so that we may rightly qualify as modern humans.

Office Space Timeline: Past, Present, and Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

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