The Enigma That Is Google And Its 20 Years Worth Of Majestic Journey

Google, an everyday household name in today’s society. Since the digitalization of our everyday lives with the advent of computers and then the commercialization of personalized computers, it seems like Google has always been there with the human kind, replacing the old form of knowing basically everything, including books, and making everything available at the tip of your fingers, it's hard to believe that it's only been merely 20 years that this service first came into being. Google Inc. celebrated its 20th birthday on 4th September, marking two extremely revolutionizing decades in the history of modern society.

The age of the internet was completely changed with the birth of this company and it has no doubt maintained its supremacy throughout this time. Being at the top seems to be a norm for the company as well as its users, which is not without a reason. Google has always managed to deliver more than expected of it.

It's potentially more like a gatekeeper for a huge number of users while they browse the internet.

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Its services have always been quite vital in terms of the needs of its users. With new updates every other day, the company has managed to never let its consumers be disappointed in any way, instead, it mostly exceeds the expectations.

The following chart is an illustration of its long 20 years’ worth of journey;

This infographic sums up some interesting facts from 20 years of Google.

Infographic courtesy of: Statista.
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