How Much Data Is Generated Per Minute? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind Away [Infographic]

Before you go through this entire piece, imagine a figure in your mind (and note it down on a piece of paper) as how much data – according to you – gets generated in a minute.

According to Domo (cloud-based operating system), the internet users have risen from 2.2 billion in 2012 to whopping 3.8 billion in 2017. That is nearly 48% of the entire world’s population. In its 6th Data Never Sleeps report, Domo took into consideration online consumer behavior besides analyzing the amount of data which gets generated in a minute across various platforms.

The graph for social media has predictably gone way up as Snapchat witnessed a sharp and enormous increase of 294% in the amount of pictures which are shared every minute. On average, 2.1 million are shared in a minute while roughly 474,000 tweets are shared. When it comes to Instagram and Tumblr, the posts shared every minute go up to neatly 50,000 and 80,000 respectively.

Since 2017, Americans have augmented their internet usage by 18%. Some of their preferred platforms are Snapchat, Twitter, Netflix and YouTube. In terms of streaming hours, Netflix observed an amplification of gigantic 40% since last year. On the other hand, YouTube videos have grasped 4.3 million views per 60 seconds.

Additionally, every minute:
  • 357 computers are sold
  • 2833 smartphones are sold
  • 63 websites are hacked
  • 42.2 fitbits are sold

You can have an in-depth crack by taking a look at the following infographics:

The Insane Amounts of Data We're Using Every Minute (Infographic)

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Tech edition

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Media edition

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Retail edition

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Finance edition

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Travel edition

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Social media edition
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