Google's Deal With MasterCard Shows Concerning Trend

If there is one thing that has come to define the internet monoliths of our time, it is their constant quest for data. Google in particular has shown a marked interest in collecting as much data as possible, and they have often gone to rather concerning lengths to acquire this data. While it is true that Google claims to be using this data to improve the internet surfing experience for its users, it is still a little worrying to think about a single entity possessing so much information about so many people.

One of the most recent examples of Google going to arguably questionable lengths to acquire data is its deal with MasterCard. Google essentially bought data from MasterCard regarding online purchases that users of their credit card made. If this deal comes as a surprise, know that you are not alone. Barely anyone knew that this deal was coming, and it is important to further note that it is not a new development. Rather, it is a deal that has been years in the making, with the negotiations having been going on for nearly half a decade. A recent report done by Bloomberg has brought all of this information to the light.

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The report stated that this data is being bought in order to better understand the efficacy of online ads. While it can be debated that this data can genuinely improve the consumer experience, it is also important to note that no MasterCard user has been informed that some of their usage data is now going to be stored on Google servers. This is an oversight on MasterCard’s part, and it further raises concerns about the deal. It also begs the question of how many other similar deals Google has in the works.

Google and Mastercard in credit card data deal

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