The Lowdown on Cybercrime: The Evil Internet Minute (infographic)

The internet has made a lot of things exceedingly easy, but it has also opened up the world to an entirely new threat: cybercrime. In the modern world, untold amounts of money are transferred via the internet every single hour. In fact, corporations spent a whopping 171,000 dollars every single minute on cybersecurity in an attempt to prevent cyber attacks from occurring. In spite of this seemingly exorbitant expenditure, cybercrimes manage to abscond with over a million dollars every minute, almost ten times the amount of money spent trying to prevent these attacks from happening in the first place.

This information is based on research recently conducted by RiskIQ. This research also ascertained that over one business suffers from a cyber attack every minute, and on average these attacks cos the victims 15,000 dollars with each occurrence. The infographic provided below elucidates the state of cybercrime in the modern era and shows how cybersecurity is playing a constant game of catch up, with each innovation in cybercrime providing the impetus for a new wave of innovation in cybersecurity as a result.

What happens in an Evil Internet Minute? - infographic

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