Facebook allows select few people access to its Ad Archive API

In an effort to make the social network more safe and secure for the users, and to counter the spread of malicious content and misinformation, and to judge the effects of social media on general elections, Facebook, with the help of the Election Commission and several news organizations is working to develop an API Archive report. It is also because of the new rules developed by the platform regarding political and issue-based ads that Facebook is adopting this measure. The complete report is due in the upcoming September. However for now, selected US publishers, academics and researchers are invited to analyze the report in its current position.

The information in the report offers the aforementioned people access to ad creative, start and end date, performance data, demographics of people, including gender, age and location.

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It can be said that the Ads Archive is an offshoot, a branch of Facebook's searchable archive of political and issue ads. The domain is trying its level best to ensure transparency throughout the process.

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