Google France shuts down its Google+ page: Says Goodbye to its own social network

Is Google+ dead, why some social media users call GooglePlus as a "Ghost Town", the reason is probably because Google is not paying much attention to it.

Google+ is probably the most strange social platform, in terms of dedicated followers and haters. Those who are active on the social network absolutely love it for the tightly knit community, and the bonding it has to offer. However, those not registered on the domain do not find any considerable reason as to why to join. But it seems like that Google+ is losing its popularity immensely, given that its own entities are deciding to turn off their accounts from the social medium.

Recently, Google France announced that it will be removing its page from Google+. Considering that the last post made by the page was around 46 weeks ago, it can safely be said that the avid followers of the company on the domain would not be missing much information and updates. However, this is some bad news, because it conveniently conveys that Google+ is losing whatever spark it had left in.

Those who wish to get posts from Google France, may tune in to Twitter and Facebook, because that is where regular updates are to be found.

Google France shuts down its Google+ page, asks users to follow it on Twitter and Facebook instead
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