This Week in Social Media: Instagram's Remove Followers Option, Hashtags On YouTube, Facebook's New Features in Ads Manager App And More

If you want to find out what’s new in the world of social media and what new updates have your favorite social media forums rolled out recently, this is one piece of information you would not want to miss. Listed below are some of the latest news in the world of social media:

Branded content labels tested on Facebook:
Spotted and shared by Jenny Earnest and Matt Navarra respectively, this feature includes a new About This Partnership label for the posts that are sponsored, these labels include the details regarding the relationship among the brands and the publishers.

Instagram lets you test and remove accounts:
As highlighted by Matt Navarra, Instagram is currently experimenting with a feature that will let public account holders remove their unwanted followers. This is similar to the ability that private accounts already have regarding the removal of followers and works in a similar manner.

Facebook introduces the option to get the Instagram contacts synced to Messenger:
First spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, this feature of Messenger lets the users connect their contacts from Instagram.

Linkedin messaging:
New features related to LinkedIn messaging have also started surfacing. The social network now provides a message compose box and the feature that will let you send attachments and initiate a group chat via LinkedIn messaging on the mobile phone. This feature comes with a collection of emojis to send along with your messages.

Facebook introduces tools for ads manager app:
There is a whole new array of tools recently introduced for Ads Manager app that'll help marketers build effective ad content right from a mobile device. The abilities to incorporate text, add stickers, logos and crop images are included in the tools.

The two-factor authentication gets upgraded:
To reset an Instagram account password, you currently go through a mere two-factor authentication, via SMS delivery for the password reset or login codes. This makes the service especially prone to hacking and cyber-attacks. However, officials at the company concur that a non-SMS two-factor authentication system is under development which will depend on apps like Google Authenticator or Duo.

Verification Fix put on hold by Twitter:
Last November, Twitter paused the general account verifications. This week, it announced further plans to pause the work to repair the process of Verification. While affirming that there is more work to be done still, Twitter cites the concerns regarding integrity and quality of information shared via this platform for the upcoming election seasons ahead. According to Kayvon Beykpour, the product lead manager, “Updating our verification program isn’t a top priority for us right now (election integrity is).

Emoji reactions for stories on Instagram:
The Facebook reaction-style emojis in Instagram stories may be available on your devices soon. Facebook has already introduced this update for their stories last month. It was spotted by SupraBo and shared by Matt Navarra.

Searchable hashtags on YouTube videos:
YouTube has started to display the top three hashtags in the video’s description between the video and the title. The hashtags are clickable and will bring up the page with the results with other videos under that hashtag. This feature is available on both mobile and desktop devices. However, according to the support page by Google, “This feature is not currently available on iOS.”

LinkedIn's updated features:
LinkedIn announced a number of useful features for its users to utilize while connecting via the network. Of those features, there’s one which lets the LinkedIners include closed captioning to the videos that are posted via the desktop. Also, now the users can highlight text from articles and share quotes and save the incomplete drafts to be edited and/or completed later on smartphones.

LinkedIn also provides a new “Me” option, a drop down menu to the entirety of the content that was shared, recorded or written by the members of the site. Plus, a See Translation feature was also introduced for the in-feed posts that are in a language other than what you speak.

News partnership program launched by Snapchat:
This initiative will provide journalists an access to even better tools that will assist them to unveil Snap videos and Pictures while breaking the news stories.

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