Twitter's New Update Lets You Dock the Video As You Scroll Through The Timeline

As the life gets busier, multitasking seems like a norm and anything lesser makes you feel hampered and stuck. Finding an excellent solution, Twitter has introduced a new update that focuses on docking a video while you browse through your timeline. Watching a video does not mean that it’s the only thing you can do while you wait for it to end.

This feature is fairly simple and easy to use, you just have to tap on the dock option available at the top right of the play window in full screen, which is now present in the new version for android users. The full screen will minimize and you can enjoy the video along with the scroll through your timeline. The screen can be moved wherever you see it fit, and when you want to stop it, just swipe it away.

It functions in a similar fashion as to that of Facebook's, though on Facebook, the video starts playing automatically as you scroll past it.

It’s a refreshing addition for Twitter users as a research has proven that around 87% of the consumers use a second screen whilst they are watching TV, and Twitter’s real-time focus helps it to be a nice compliment for viewing the live content. The ability to enjoy Twitter’s own live stream content, while going through its tweet discussion, does not seem difficult anymore.

It's been an aim to make it possible to view and read the related tweets simultaneously for twitter and all of its tries and tests have resulted in this new update which feels like the most simple and obvious solution.

This updated option is now available for the Android and will be soon provided to the iOS users.

Hat Tip: Socialmediatoday.
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