Twitter's New Update: Related Topics Will Appear In Hashtag Listings

Twitter went a step ahead and the new update shows the related trends on the “Trending Topics” listings. This may not seem like the most extravagant update but its very useful in terms of assortment and quick availability of a trend that you might want to follow but aren’t aware of.

Though, seemingly a minor update, it could aid the users to get a better hold on the whole extent of connected on-platform discussions. It may also help Twitter to get rid of the trends that keep repeating from their listings. This will provide more space for the relevant discussions to get highlighted.

This could be helpful for the brands while looking for the trending topics to tap into. Trendjacking is not risk-free in this way but these immediate listings, you will get much more context on the broader discussion, helping you with more ideas for pertinent tie-ins, as well as more appropriate hashtags that you may use in your posts.

As far as the users are concerned, this easy, single-tap option that leads you to all the trending topics and related tweets, will help you to stay atop of all the angles, better exhibiting the extent of perspectives provided on the platform.

Right now yet know the extent of these updates and the level of manual intervention will be included. However, this is another one of Twitter roll out to consider as you find more ways to maximize the on-platform messaging.

Starting to show connections between trends

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter shared the screenshot about this feature in a tweet.
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