Reddit Introduces Chat Rooms to the Domain, Bringing Back the AOL Nostalgia

Reddit is adding chat rooms to its domain.

The company has been busy beta-testing communities based on chat rooms with a selected group of users, for quite some time now. It expanded its beta phase by slowly including more users into the test community, and now it plans to make the feature public.

As per details shared by the Reddit, in a blog post, the purpose of chat rooms is to allow people to know each other more personally, and have fun. As users on the domain are supposed to have pseudonyms as their id names, anonymity is maintained, and getting to know others is out of question.

These chat rooms are opt in for sub-reddits, and every community does not have the facility as yet. There are many groups to form yet, but the existing ones range from Fortnite to Casual Conversation, and all in between.

These chat rooms are minimalist, just like the entire social medium itself. On the left hand side of the screen, one would find the list of rooms he/she is in, and would have the ability to swipe through them. Every user starts with an avatar portraying Reddit logo, which apparently, cannot be changed. This again brings in the anonymity Reddit loves so much.

These Reddit groups allows users to relive the old days, bringing in the feels of the AOL times. However, since the identities of the people are still not revealed by this new feature, it allows users to abuse their position and act hostile. Users may use offensive language, or spam you with irrelevant things. It would be interesting to note how the the social medium would act to moderate these spaces.
Chat rooms have started to roll out to various communities, and they are introduced to different places everyday. Reddit promises to keep using user reviews (via the feedback hotline every user has access to) to improve the chat spaces.

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