How to Apply Best Content Marketing Principles? – Tips Straight from the Influencers

How to Apply Best Content Marketing Principles? – Tips Straight from the Influencers

The concepts of content marketing are evolving with time. New strategies & methods are devised & implemented with careful research over the possible business outcomes.

But you just don’t need to be a well known online businessman to utilize the essence of how to apply best content marketing principles.

Are you a blogger or a blogging entrepreneur?

Your writing skills can be leveraged to develop a blogging business online if you mix them up with powerful lessons of how to market your blog.

If you have recently started your blog, you may not be aware of the fact that there are blogs which have more number of readers & online traffic than some of the well known online magazines.

Have you heard about highly popular blogs of influencers like Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Ian Cleary, Rand Fishkin etc.?

The stats show that the traffic to their blogs has the number of unique visitors in thousands & millions.

Not only this, they have incredibly bigger lists of subscribers to serve fresh, unique & valuable content to through their blogs.

What’s the success formula behind their continuous growth?

Nothing different, but their unique ways & methods of how to apply best content marketing principles.

Every blogger can become a businessman in his own, unique terms provided he can understand what’s best for him.

Knowing the X-factor in your style of writing is an important aspect.

If you haven’t realized yours, you can get helped by valuable techniques of developing a blogger’s mindset.

There are also those bloggers who lose their interest of blogging because of consistency & patience it requires ahead of all the efforts invested in it.

Everyone wants to be great in some sense, but not everyone is dedicated to pay the price for it.

If you want to become a ‘Great blogger’, you need to understand & realize your X-factor. Plus, you need to continue learning from the influencers in your niche of blogging.

Connect & interact with them. Learn from their blogs & adapt the qualities into your style of writing.

You, as a blogger would certainly love to find that your blog posts are going viral with all the efforts you are investing in them.

But for that, you need to take your interest of blogging seriously & follow steps of effective content marketing to work like an expert, not a beginner.

How to apply best content marketing principles?

Here are some insights on what makes up the authority of influencers in any niche of blogging.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Failures

Every blogger want his content to reach out to the maximum number of targeted people every time he hits the ‘Publish’ button on his blog site. But this doesn’t happen.


Content creation is useless if it’s not backed with content marketing.

It’s realistic to have done a great job while creating high quality content for your blog, but not getting results.

Even sites like Upworthy reveals that not every post they share break the records of views of the previous ones. A fraction of a percentage is related to their top articles on web.

So even if you are not getting expected results from your blogging efforts, it’s best to understand where things are going wrong.

Learn more or as much as possible from the influencers, but never take failures for granted.

Most bloggers fail because they give up so early.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Failures

Be persistent in your approach towards blogging & you will soon become a bloggopreneur on your own terms.

Work Upon Developing Interesting Content & Headlines

Now comes the actionable part.

It is believed that blog posts attract attention because of their headlines primarily. Next to it is the engagement factor of the underlying content.

Now consider yourself as a blog reader.

You would definitely run to click the ‘close’ button of a browser’s tab if the content of a blog post you’re reading is not in sync with the headline you are attracted to.

For most bloggers who fail at engaging their target audience, this missing ‘sync’ is one of the reasons of failures.

How you can make sure that you are not making this mistake?

It’s simple.

Next to the content creation stage, separate out time for reviewing & assessing it to add value.

Find the missing links & add them for better results.

Plus, you should also work upon crafting the most suitable headline for your content after you finish the final stage of creating content.

Work Upon Developing Interesting Content & Headlines

Experts believe that you are more into your content when you have finished writing it up. You know well about what you’re covering through it at that time.
And thus, your mind can think of the best headlines to complement the value served in your content.

Even if you can’t think of the best headline in a single attempt, you shouldn’t stop yourself for making multiple attempts.

Don’t know how to create engaging & catchy headlines for your blog?

Learn it here: How to Write Catchy Headlines and Blog Titles Your Readers Can't Resist

Combination of Longer Headlines & In-depth Content Works Best

Influential bloggers have mastered the art of creating the best combination of longer headlines perfectly matched with the actionable, long form content.

Here’s an example:

If you are committed to deliver values to your readers, you won’t neglect the need to create long form content of around 1500 – 2000 words.

Best Ideas & their value points can’t be best addressed when you have a constrained word limit, I believe.

Long form content gets more traffic than the shorter counterpart.

Combination of Longer Headlines & In-depth Content Works Best

And that’s the reason why most of the blog posts that I share at my blog have long headlines supporting long form content.

I’ve been learning how to apply best content marketing principles to grow my blog & will continue to do that with time.

Plan Periodic User Engagement Analysis & Strategies

Planning strategies isn’t an act just for corporate businessmen.
Bloggers & marketers need to plan strategies for blog growth based upon the gained results.

Based on the extent to which readers are engaging with the blog, you need to make relevant changes in your strategies followed.

Whether it is related to content development or content marketing, the strategies you follow should be analyzed & changed with respect to achieved growth.

Monthly Analysis period works best for bloggers.

Sadly, there are bloggers who don’t have a strategy to work upon their blogs at all.

Plan Periodic User Engagement Analysis & Strategies

Lack of expected growth thus, become an obvious result for them.

Visual Appeal Is Important for Blog Growth

Another factor that determines the success of a piece of content is its visual appeal.

While the content quality offers value-points to the readers, high quality imagery enhances visual engagement.
Visual Appeal Is Important for Blog Growth

Look for most popular articles trending for any keyword in your niche & you’ll find the apt ratio of content to images well considered in it.


Stats reveal the fact that images attract more readers than plain content.

And you, as a blogger can utilize this fact as well.

What you should avoid while looking for images for your blog posts?

Stock photos in excess.

Instead, you can add the screenshots related to the outbound links you’ve added into your content.

Such screenshots are effective as you are backing your content with the ideas & detail shared by influencers in the form of links & screenshots.

This way, you are giving your readers quality stuff to fulfill their informational needs.

Similarly, you should work towards marketing your blog on social media channels with quality images for enhanced user engagement.

What are the other marketing lessons you have learnt while growing your blog? Share your insights in the comments below.

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