Tips On How To Become A Successful Blogger - #infographic

5 Tips On How To Become A Successful Blogger - #infographic

WordPress reports that more than 409 million people view upward of 19.1 billion blog pages each month. Meanwhile, bloggers generate about 60.1 million new posts and readers leave 61.5 million new comments every month. The good news is there’s always an audience ready for new blog content. But the bad news is it can be an uphill climb to let them know you're there. Becoming a successful blogger takes time, but doesn't have to be a big mystery. Here are some ways to rise to the top of the blogosphere:

#Infographic - Do You Really Want A Successful Blog? - #blogging
Infographic courtesy of: Webhostingsecretrevealed.

Use the Right Tools

Setting up your blog may seem like an obvious first step, but how you do it could make or break your experience. Use an intuitive interface that offers instructional videos to help you figure it out as you go. You need a reliable hosting provider with guaranteed uptime that keeps your blog humming without interruptions or lag time. Also, part of the first step is making sure your online assets are protected; store your videos, photos and files in the cloud so you have access to everything at any time. Plus, in case your server is down or your computer crashes, everything you've created is safe. Make sure you choose one of the top-rated cloud storage providers so you have peace of mind that your data is in good hands.

Narrow Your Niche

Popular blogger Jonathon Fields wrote a post about rapidly growing your blog to popularity through niche blogging. He notes that 95 of the 100 most popular blogs are in fact niche blogs from TechCrunch to Apartment Therapy. Focusing on a specific topic and narrowing down to a precise target audience quickly builds a loyal fan base that will continue coming back for more.

Build a Network

Building a solid blogging network isn't as simple as tapping your personal contacts and LinkedIn connections. Set up a Twitter profile and connect with other users and bloggers who have the same interests. Narrow your search by keywords, or look up admired bloggers’s handles to get started.

Take it a step further and reach out to seasoned bloggers who target the same audience. Slowly but steadily develop a friendship without asking for anything in return. Offer to help when they need assistance with their promotions or for feedback. The idea is to create a lasting network of fellow bloggers, readers and potential customers who respect you and want to help promote your content.

Do Something Noteworthy

Sage blogging advice often points to writing something noteworthy that others will share and link to. Research popular bloggers in your niche and create something that goes into more depth or offers stronger takeaways and actionable advice. Take this tactic a step beyond writing something noteworthy with a podcast, how-to video series or mission like Chris Guillebeau's blog about visiting every country in the world on a budget. People want to follow captivating bloggers who are not only relatable, but who are also doing something they want to do. Give them a reason to keep visiting your site beyond a generic update about what you ate for breakfast.

Offer Real Value

Remember that blogging is bigger than just you. Growing and maintaining a loyal, engaged readership means offering value. Give back to your audience by using anecdotes about your personal struggles, professional expertise, hands-on learning and ability to condense complicated ideas into simple conversations. The more you offer them without asking for much in return, the more loyal they become.

The Keys to Become a Successful Blogger

#Infographic - The Keys to Become a Successful Blogger - #blogging
Infographic courtesy of: Nexlable.
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