Your 3 Step Search Engine Optimization Routine For Less Pain & More Gain - #infographic

Your 3 Step Search Engine Optimization Routine For Less Pain and More Gain #infographic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lot like working out. It requires effort and commitment, but the results are worth it. Ready to get started? Then Use this infographic, produced by Volusion, to find the right mix of SEO tactics to build your online presence in a healthy, effective way.

Step No. 1 Assess your SEO fitness level:

Before you jump into a new SEO exercise regimen, it's important to take stock of your website's current SEO health. So conduct a through SEO audit, paying special attention to authority, relevancy and engagement.

Step No. 2: Choose your SEO exercises:

Now it's time to build your own SEO workout plan. Use the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities you identified in the SEO audit to help you target the best exercise for your website. E.g: Install Analytics, cover on-page basics, create strategic content, optimize your blog for social media, maintain your social media presence, etc.

Step No. 3: Do your SEO workout:

Regularly perform your SEO exercise, monitor your progress in analytics and adapt your workout based on your results. Don't forget to supplement your workout by keeping up-to-date with SEO industry news and best practices.

There's more in full graphic. Take a look.

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Your 3 Step #SEO Routine for Less Pain and More Gain - #Infographic
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