The Anatomy Of An Optimized Webpage - #infographic

The Anatomy of a Perfectly Search Engine Optimized Web Page - #infographic #SEO

Mastering search engine optimization is a tough job, it needs a lot of efforts, analysis and time. You've to optimize your website and content to be crawled by search engines, yet at the same time your content has to be appealing to the human readers. You also have to encounter constantly evolving search updates, which means that some tactics of your search marketing might be great one day... and then completely ineffective the next.

In short, SEO is exactly like a puzzle, you need all the pieces in sequence to have success.

So how do you solve your website's SEO puzzle?

Thanks to the folks at SurePayRoll who have created an infographic (featured below) that explains how to make your every web page Google friendly.

From social media optimization, open graph meta tags, and article copy to Twitter cards and URL structure, this infographic is an excellent reference guide to make your site more visible to potential followers and search engines.

Click on image to see a larger version:
On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page - #infographic #SEO
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