What Google Knows About Your Online Habits - #infographic

Does Google Know Too Much About You? - #infographic

Google started as a search company in 1998, but now it's one of the biggest data collectors in the world.

What we need, what we read, what we watch, how much we spend, where we're planning to go - Google knows a lot about our digital behavior. But the question is why Google needs this information? And how Google collects this data?

The infographic below from Conosco takes a closer look at the Google's data collection systems.

Key Takeaway: If you use Google Chrome, Gmail and Google Drive, Google has access to pretty much everything you do online. Google can scan your files, emails and browsing habits to serve you appropriate advertising. And if you want to prevent Google from tracking you, then simply don't use its services (Google search, Google Maps, Android, etc.), or stop worrying and get on with life.

Google Knows A Lot About Online behavior - #Infographic
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