A Marketer's Guide To Going Mobile - #infographic

Prove your value on your customer's most prized possession - #infographic

Did you know that there are 7.45 billion unique mobile connections and 7.2 billion people on the planet, and that, 83 percent of 18 - 29 years old say their smartphone plays an integral role in their lives.

No doubt, mobile is increasingly becoming the channel of choice of consumers. Therefore, marketers must create an engaging, timely and cross-channel strategy. To succeed in mobile they need to respect their customer's time and offer them value. Marketers must build trust and loyalty across all channels with their customers in order to create long-term, personal relationships.

The infographic below from Marketo, sheds some more light on why you need a mobile marketing strategy.
A Marketer's Guide To Going Mobile - #infographic
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