Social Media Hacks: How To Become A Tumblr Titan - infographic

How to Market Your Business With Tumblr - #infographic

Are you leveraging Tumblr for your business?

Tumblr is a visual blogging colossus - an ever-growing body of content and traffic and visibility opportunities. It has 300 million unique visits each month and it's the most popular social platform for users between 13 - 25.

If you are still unfamiliar with Tumblr and wondering how to get started? Then follow the steps mentioned in the infographic below and you may just become the next great Tumblr Titan!

Graphic courtesy of Teensafe.
How to Use #Tumblr for Your Business - #infographic

Key Takeaways:

• PBS has found success on Tumblr by using it to promote their food blog. By focusing on a specific niche they're able to target their visual content more effectively.

• Denny's Diner uses Tumblr as it's official blog, and for good reason, it's one of the most successful brands on Tumblr, consistently going viral with tongue-in-check images, GIFs, and "Denny's selfies", where users can submit their own content.
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