Mobile Marketing Mistakes Can Cost You - #infographic

Mobile #Marketing Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!) #infographic - With everyone glued to their phones, and tablets, there’s no way marketers can miss out on the opportunity to target this demographic. This infographic provides you with the five big issues mobile marketing faces, and how you can avoid them.  Optimize your website for mobiles and tablets, so you can attract more traffic. Google now shows whether a website is mobile-friendly or not in the SERPs, and this is a key feature all websites must have. Smartphone conversion rates have gone up by 64%, compared to desktop conversion rates. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and make sure you have a specific call-to-action. Offering social auto-fill (auto-completing forms using data gathered from a user’s social media accounts) will help increase the number of people filling out long forms. Pro tip: keep all forms short in any case, as filling out any form on a mobile is not convenient and will result in people clicking away. Finally, make sure you have the optimal amount of content on your website. While people will want to read long articles on blogs, the same cannot be said for your home-page. Keep the content short and sweet, making sure to keep most of it above the fold.  With these tips, you should be a mobile marketing guru in no time.

Mobile marketing is essential to any digital marketing strategy. According to Formstack, smartphone conversion rates have gone up by 64 percent, compared to desktop conversion rates. Of course they have! More and more people are using their mobile devices to make purchases, catch up on news and otherwise stay connected with the world.

However, as important as it is to have a mobile marketing strategy, it is even more important to avoid the most common mobile marketing mistakes. Effective mobile marketing can significantly boost a small business’ online presence. Bad mobile marketing can, however, ruin it.

In this infographic, Formstack takes a look at the 5 most common mobile marketing mistakes, and what you can do about them. With quick, and easy, fixes for the most common mistakes available, there is no reason your mobile marketing strategy should lag behind the competition’s.
Mobile #marketing mistakes five reasons why your mobile strategy isn't working (and what to do about it) - #infographic
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