Elevating The Customer Experience Through #SocialMedia - #infographic

Improving the Customer Experience with #SocialMedia - #infographic

Every customer a business interacts with is different. Business owners have to realize that you cannot connect with every customer in the same way. Many business owners are starting to realize the importance of improving multi channel customer service. Creating exceptional customer service is something that every business strives for, but few actually seem to do really well. A good first step is to identify customer preferences and working to develop strategies for appropriate means of communication over the multiple channels in which you interact with your customers.

Many companies are starting to use social media as a main platform of communicating with their customers. Just about every brand you can imagine is on Twitter these days. However, only 10 percent of all companies are replying to customer questions on Twitter within an acceptable time period. Most customers wait on average of 5 hours from a response on social media. One suggestion to help provide better service via social media is to have a dedicated customer service handle that is separate from the regular social handle for your business.
Does your business have a dedicated customer service handle for its social channels?
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Enhancing the Customer Experience with #SocialMedia - #infographic

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