#SocialMedia Shortcuts: Save Time On Facebook, Twitter & YouTube With These Keyboard Shortcuts - #Infographic

#Infographic - #SocialMedia Shortcuts: How To Save Your Time On Social Media Platforms

Our lives are on the internet. And that's not a bad thing. Our generation has the tools to make money, meet people, and follow our passions all over the world in ways and on a scale that our grandparents couldn't even imagine. Social media is crucial to all of these pursuits and most websites have built-in short codes that make them even easier to use. Most people don't dig deep enough to find them. That's why Setupablogtoday.com did, and put all that time saving goodness into a neat little infographic just for you.

This graphic covers the five most popular social media and blogging platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Google+. Learn how to do everything from adding people to commenting to posting and even navigating in a couple of keystrokes. Separate Mac instructions are shown where applicable. Make instant messages even more instant. Fly through keeping up with your friends and colleagues on Facebook and Google. Get your time sensitive Twitter one liners out there as quickly as possible. YouTube like a pro (yes, those do exist); tumble your heart out. Whether you use them to run a business, stay connected, or just express yourself to the world, you can do it more smoothly than ever before with these little tricks and shortcuts.
Save Time on Facebook, Twitter, Goolge+, Tumblr and YouTube With These Keyboard Shortcuts - #infographic
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