8 Design Trends 2015 - #Infographic

The Top 8 Graphic #Design Trends 2015 - #Infographic

In 2014, we saw some major design trends emerge and grow throughout the year. This infographic from Coastal Creative shows us what design trends will carry over from 2014 and what trends will be brand new in 2015.

One of the biggest trends that started in 2013 and continued into 2014 was flat design. The initial emergence of flat design stuck to purely flat principles, but throughout 2014 that quickly changed. The introduction of Google's Material Design gave a name to semi-flat design that is a blend of flat simplicity and intuitive life-like design.

Other favorite continuing trends from 2014 that we will see in 2015 include strong typography and huge images. These two bring together the best of graphic design and the flexibility of the web.

It's taken long enough, but big media players have started to use the unique advantages of the web to create emotional visual experiences within long-form articles and content. What started with Snow Fall by the New York Times in 2012 has proliferated since then. Storytelling has become more intimate and visual.

Also in 2015, look out for a few new patterns. Cinemagraphs have existed for years but are predicted to grow big in 2015, as a natural evolution of the GIF craze. We'll also see Magical Realism make its way into designs as a natural part of creative projects.
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