5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015 - #Infographic

5 Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015 - #Infographic

2014 brought many changes to the advertising space. And it' no secrete that 2015 will be a big year for digital advertising. The following infographic, from Viralgains, illustrates what trends and advances are on the horizon for the industry.

2 Key Takeaways:

Mobile and video will become the primary way we consume media worldwide:
Despite the small screen, mobile will be the primary platform where digital videos are consumed. The ease of consuming video on mobile has allowed for unprecedented growth and scale - especially for brands who take advantage of this opportunity.

Connecting the dots of a consumer's journey across digital touch points will no longer be a problem:
Every year, more and more data is being collected that provide advertisers with a wealth of information about their audience. This helps marketers target a very niche audience with relevant ads based on preference and location.
Five Digital Advertising Predictions for 2015 - #Infographic

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