2014: The Year In Content, Media And Digital Marketing - #infographic

From the Net neutrality to The LEGO Movie and Taylor Swift: 2014's hottest trends in an infographic.

Heading into 2014 we thoughts the year would be defined by the FIFA World Cup and Winter Olympics. Instead, mega-mergers, web politics, music industry disruptions and a bevy of branded media experiments brought big changes to the world of digital content, media and marketing.

This infographic, designed by Sparksheet, looks back at the biggest news events, internet trends and recurring themes that shaped the content, media and marketing world in 2014.

A key highlight:

2014: The year of events: The world enjoyed a bumper crop of sporting events this year, with the Winter Olympics and FIFA earning plenty of media attention. The Super Bowl also pulled in its largest-ever viewership. Meanwhile Ellen Degeneres broke Twitter with here celebrity-studded Oscar selfie and a breakout year for the YouTube festival DigiTour confirmed what digital natives everywhere know to be true: forget content, IRL is king.

There's more in the full graphic. Take a look:

Click image to see enlarged version.
2014: The year of mergers, acquisitions, web politics, branded media, and music - #infographic
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