How to Take a Better Selfie - #infographic

How To Take A Better Selfies
Did you know that 30 percent of the photos taken by those ages 18 - 24 are selfies (According to Samsung). And that selfies are more widely shared on Facebook, Twitter and through text message than on Instagram or Snapchat.

"Today, selfies are everywhere—created and shared by people from all backgrounds across the globe—providing glimpses into daily lives, exciting accomplishments, special moments in time, and much more. But one important question still remains…How can we take a better selfie?"
The team at Adorama has created the below infographic, that illustrates how to make your selfies stand out.

Here are some key tips featured in the infographic:

Feel free to take a selfie, but make it clear what the reason is.

Use your cropping abilities to eliminate anything irrelevant, distracting or out-of-place. Focus on the subject.

Find Good, ambient lighting to illuminate your face without exposing every flaw or washing you out. Don't take photos with the light behind you. Unless you're going for something artsy, face the light.

Use app like ProCamera that allows you to position your focus and align your exposure with the darkest and brightest parts of your photo.

If you want more activity in the background, take a few shots first, and check to make sure there's nothing in the photo that will be distracting or embarrassing.

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How To Take Perfect Selfies That Rock On Social Networking sites - #infographic

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