The History of Selfie - #infographic

The history of Selfies - #infographic
Did you know that, the first time that #selfie hashtag was used in 2004 on Flickr. And that Robert Cornelius took what is thought to be the first self-portrait photograph in 1839 using the daguerreotype process, but whether or not it's a true "selfie" is debatable.

The word "selfie" in the English language has skyrocketed in use. It has increased by 17,000 percent since 2012. And, by the end of 2012 time magazine considered the "selfie" one of the top 10 buzzwords of the year.

Although selfies had existing long before, it was in 2012 that the term "really hit the big time".

This infographic from Sony looks at the history of the selfies and highlights top 10 selfie cities in the world.
an infographic that tells you everything you didn’t want to know about selfies and their history
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