Smartphone Apps: The Breakdown - infographic

Smartphone Apps: The Breakdown - gifographic
If you have just got yourself a new smartphone, chances are that you will want to delve deep into the world of apps, pick and choose which ones you like best, and enjoy them to the fullest. In the current scenario, whichever platform you choose for your smartphone is packed to the brim with a variety of apps ripe for the picking. Social media apps, networking apps, business apps, health-related apps, gaming apps – you name it, it’s there.

A vast storehouse of apps has now become common to almost every smartphone platform – be it Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows. While reports have shown that Android is at the top of the popularity list followed by Apple, Windows and then Blackberry, all these platforms are constantly striving hard to provide users with apps that are capable of offering re-use value.

Currently, Android boasts of the highest app download number, with a staggering 29 Billion number of downloads, with Apple close at its heels with 27 Billion downloads. Significantly behind is Windows, with 4,100,000,000 app downloads; Blackberry stands at 2,400,000,000 download. With such figures, one would naturally think that Android offers the biggest rage of in-store apps. However, that is not so. Apple holds the number one position for total number of in-store apps, with 905,000 apps, while Android has 850,000 apps, and is somehow still the most favored app store.

All four platforms offer a good mix of free apps and apps that need to be purchased. The division is done very strategically, keeping in mind the socio-economic dynamics. The percentage of Apple users who have never spend any more than $1 for an app is 45%, while the percentage for Android users stands at 42%. For Blackberry and Windows users, the number stands at 43% and 58, respectively.

Check out this infographic created by our pals at Blogmost, loaded with some amazing mobile phone and app store stats.

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