If You Ignore GooglePlus, Google Search Will Ignore You

Why should i use Googleplus as a business [Infographic]
Wondering why should you use GooglePlus in your marketing mix? Just one solid reason, "if you ignore Google+, Google search will ignore you", says Larry Page co-founder of Google.*
Beside that, Google+ is the second largest social platform with over 540 million members, of which 359 million are monthly active users. Google+ helps improve your visibility, increase social signals and networking for your brand.
In case you are not familiar with this social giant then check out this chart created by milestoneinternet that emphasizes why GPlus should be a core part of your marketing strategies in 2014, and also offers some basics and best practices of G+ with some key performance indicators to measure your success.
Google+ Best Practices for Business [Infographic]
Google+ Best Practices for Business
Google+ best practices
Make sure your profile is optimized - Add a branded profile image, the URL of your business, and description about your business.

Verify your business and link your business page with your website using "rel=publisher" code.

Add the +1 button to your website.

Post quality content on regular basis - The more relevant and shareable your content, the more positively Google will regard your presence, helping boost your AuthorRank.

* Update: The quote is not actually said by Larry Page, but paraphrased by +B.L. Ochman.

H/t to +Matt Benson.
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