The Rise of Google Authorship - infographic

The Rise of Google Authorship - infographic
No doubt, Google - the king of the internet - provides a vast interactive services with lucrative personal and professional opportunities. As a blogger I've always loved Google Authorship and this is another one of Google's amazing products.
If you are a content writer, Authorship can consolidate your status as one of these quality content creator. If your blog articles are regarded as valuable, it is much more likely to be viewed and shared by a large Google community.
So before you get into the its implementation process, check out this infographic created by internetmarketinginc looks at the evolution of Google Authorship, why did Google release it - and some factors that may impact your AuthorRank.
A key takeaway is, more credible links get more readers, by building up a strong author-rank, content that you have written will get appeared in Google search results along with your profile, which can increase the click through rate by 30 to 150 percent.

The Evolution of Google Authorship - infographic
The history of Google authorship - infographic

photo credit: justinmclachlan
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