How to Build Credibility and Authorship with Google+

How to Build Credibility and Authorship with Google+
When someone asks to search on the internet, Google search strikes through the mind at once. The increased use of Google’s search engine “Google Search” has enticed business owners too, just not to search, but ‘to be searched’ and located in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This becomes even more exciting when see Google Plus profile photo along with the content search item is displayed right there with the search results.
Yes, it is true what you read above! You can also be listed in these searches by making righteous use of an initiative “Authorship mark-up” released recently by Google as a strategic update to blend its social search capabilities with the most popular search engine. This move is part of a mission that would credit the authentic work of an author to be commemorated in the SERP. The best part is that the content directly be related to an author’s social profile at G+.

Overview of Authorship and associated credibility of authors:

Overview of Authorship and associated credibility of authors:
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If you are not aware of Authorship yet, it is actually a piece for you. Google Authorship, as stated above, is what associates your content (Of course original) shared on your Google Plus social profile. It merges your profile picture amongst other correlated profile information into the content you publish. All this information is then provided in the search results whenever your keywords are hit. The inclusion of your information and the application of Authorship are quite simple. However, it is unclear until this date as how much time it takes for aggregating this data with content and what are the requests that are approved by authorship.

Is it worth using Google Authorship?

At present, all businesses aim more and more visits to their websites or branding pages. This is seamlessly ensured by Authorship. This is a platform from which every authenticated person can become the beneficiary. Invariably, its accessions are simple and worth trying.

How Google Authorship is beneficial to your business?

Invariably, Google has imparted a really good tool in its search engine to decide the reputation of an author, not by the content but by the quality that content pertains. I.e. the rank of the content provider will be decided by the time readers spent on their pages after clicking the link of your shared article. It will decide the nature of the content. The more engaging is your content, the more time spent by the visitor.

This also requires validated and authentic profile information, which eliminates spinning of any content amongst a particular community of viewers.

Also have a look at this infographic created by Attwooddigital that shows the increase in popularity of Google Plus and how implementing Google Authorship can affect your business.
How Google Authorship is beneficial to your business - infographic

Benefits of Google Authorship to your personal brand:

If you are a regular blogger, you surely have some mettle to create by mental act. This also generates your rapport among the readers of a stream you are presenting your thoughts about. Once setting up a known Authorship, people searching for a particular topic would land up on your search result included with a profile photo and link.


Names are easy to forget, but Images are not!

The more times a person goes through your image, the more it recognizes you. This is the charm of images. Your Google Authorship once established properly, people searching for your specialized field would exactly find you present every time they do so. It will help in building trust with your visitors and explicably visit your page.

Have you ever wondered Google Authorship as an awesome podium for both you and your reader to interact straight on to a search page by linking it to your Google+ social profile?

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