The World of Social Media Monitoring And Analytics - infographic

The World of Social Media Monitoring And Analytics - infographic
Are you analyzing social media insights to measure the Return-on-Investment of your marketing efforts?
If leveraged well, social insights can reveal consumer opinion and trends, and can be useful to make future predictions. For businesses and organizations properly utilizing this data, it can be key to success.
Although there are hundreds of analytics tools out there, but the trick is to find the right one for your business needs. The data these tools provide you will allow you to tailor campaigns and products to best meet your consumers needs. Most tools offer free trials!
This infographic created by demandmetric takes a closer look at the growth and future of analytics tool marketing and recommends 14 social media analytics tools that will assist you to make accurate, insightful predictions.

The World of Social Media Monitoring -14 Social Media Analytics Tools - infographic

Social Media Monitoring And Analytics Tools mentioned in the visual: is a great Facebook monitoring tool which shows your "viral amplifications" or the reach of your posts. This translates to which posts are shared the most often, and how they exponentially multiply through the "share" web. analyzes your followers' activity and determines when you should tweet based on their most active times of the day. gives you a code to embed in your website that analyzes information about your most influential site users. allows you to track analytics from both Tumblr and Instagram. Ideal for businesses with image based brands/campaigns. uses advanced image analytics and image recognition algorithms to measure the success of your brand/campaigns. tells you the day and time that your users are most engaged with Instagram includes a feature to help manage contests. allows marketers to be able to see what users are saying about their brands and identifies the biggest and most influential fans Monitors competitors video activity. used by 30 percent of the top 100 global brands made for macro and micro analysis of multiple social media accounts. provides comprehensive and custom analytics for multiple social media sites. Allows business owners to control various social media sites conversations and respond to audiences in real-time. offers analytics in 45 different languages. Give business owners data that can help them make real-time decisions based on campaign results. currently only for personal analytics, look for it to make the switch to business soon. Analyzes users history to make accurate, insightful predictions. filter data with language and country filters. Monitor key metrics around trends and sentiment. Identify key social influencers and opinion leaders. Conduct comparisons between competitors and topics. comprehensive owned media statistics. A multitude of workflow functionalists make community management an efficient task. Data output in customizable charts that are easily exported. 360 degree view of your brands social engagement and activity. Program to automatically conduct regular reports.
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