How Small Businesses Are Rocking On Social Media

The Year of the Social Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]
Did you know that most of the small businesses (90 percent) use or plan to use social media to market their products/services, and they are employing it more every day, more than 50 percent of small business owners have increased spending on social media compared to the prior year.
According to LinkedIn study the number one problem facing most SMBs is acquiring new customers, while almost 6 in 10 business owners believe social media solves the problem by helping to attract new clients.
But social media isn't just for marketing, 49 percent of SMBs use it for learning purposes. Moreover, businesses invest in social media ads more than any other channel (73 percent).
Take a look at this infographic created by LinkedIn team filled with some stats and insights which help you take advantage of social media for your small business.

How Small Businesses are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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