25 Awesome #SocialMedia Marketing Tools - #infographic

When planning a company social strategy, the sheer number of available tools for social media management can be overwhelming. SMSS compiled 25 great tools to get you and your team started, categorized into 5 types of tools: Social Listening, Social Conversation, Social Marketing, Social Analytics and Social Influencer.

25 Awesome #SocialMedia Tools Your Brand Should Be Using #infographic

Social listening

This software is used for companies interested in learning about what conversation are happening (and where) about their company, their competitors, and their brand keywords.

Super simple and free to use with no extra, unnecessary, or complicated features. Ideal for companies on a budget.

Wide scope of monitoring with over 200 million blogs, microblogs, social networks, video and photos websites, forums, product reviews and other social media sites. Best for large firms with an international customer base.

Simple and intuitive interface that can be customized to multiple employees. Ideal for enterprise firms with multiple clients or international clients.

Powerful insights and wide range of filters for results. Best for brands or agencies using TV as a medium.

Unlimited number of mentions monitored with no worry of overage fees. Ideal for enterprise companies.

Social conversation

This software is used for companies to effectively be able to find and respond to customer inquiries and comments in real-time.

ArgyleSocial - Applies actual dollar amounts to posts using a patented algorithm. Good for enterprise companies.s Update: Argyle Social, which runs Argylesocial.com, has agreed for Viralheat to take over its website and services. H/t SocialPiq.

One of the most comprehensive when it comes to integrated social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Mixi. Scales well to almost any business.

Not only shows you how many followers your message is reaching, but also how many followers each person sharing your message has for a full vision of the scope of your messages. Businesses that want to grow with a start-up.

Flexible product that is great for teams and allows for outbound messages approvals. Companies that want a real say in how their tool is developed.

Includes review sites like Yelp and Citysearch and near instant notification of a new review. Best for small businesses or businesses with small budgets.

Social marketing

This software is used for creating and managing campaigns, promotions and other creative projects across platforms.

Easily create Facebook apps and promotions that can be integrated into a variety of other social networks and web pages. Businesses that incorporate a lot of apps in their marketing promotions.

EngageSciences - Exceptional platform for creating promotions, contests, etc. Ideal for enterprise firms that run promotions-heavy campaigns.

Owned by Salesforce so has full integration to their CRM software. Best for enterprise companies who already use Salesforce.

Easily set up Facebook apps. good for businesses who focus on Facebook.

Ability to build rich Facebook apps, HTML5 pages, and other content with no coding. Ideal for enterprise companies that have a large amount of content to share.

Social Analytics

This software is used to measure and understand results of a company's social media efforts across platforms.

Data is visualized in a beautiful way. Recommend for enterprise firms.

Wide range of data and reports. reports can easily be exported to Excel or PDF. Ideal for enterprise or large firms with multiple accounts to monitor.

Affordable pricing and ideal for companies only interested in Facebook and Twitter.

Keep a history of each client conversation. Best for small and medium businesses to enterprise.

Presents data on how much revenue social media is generating. Good for companies with an eCommerce side.

Social influencer

This software is used to find and engage with social media users that are particularly influential in specific topics and understanding their spheres of influence.

Thorough reporting with segmented influence. Good for enterprise firms.

Identifies influential bloggers. Best for organizations who have blog outreach in their campaigns.

Simple to use with basically just one score to understand. Companies only interested in Facebook and Twitter.

Identifies influential twitter users at other places on the web. Ideal for organizations with an engaged Twitter following.

Transparency on what goes into the score. Best for individuals and organizations.
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