How To Increase Social Media Followers Ethically - 8 infographics

Starting with social media is like setting up your home in a new, exciting metropolis. The thing is... to get yourself known, you will need to go out and meet the neighbors. They've been having a street party for a quite a while now. So you could have the best health or beauty tips, give sound business advice, be the most brilliant author or even make the best cupcakes, but they don't know you've arrived yet. So what to do when you are new in social media metropolis? What can you do to engage your followers? And finally the million dollar question: how to get more followers ethically? Read on to learn more:

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Some general rules for social media

Doing Things The Smarter Way

In order to succeed on social media landscape, you are going to need to take your time and focus on the friends and followers you have. If you have anyone following you, that’s a good start. Build on that success by engaging with them in conversation, or comments. Commenting on images that they post, sharing ideas, thoughts and so much more will definitely cause "reach" to rise as well. One simple share could brighten someone’s day, and in turn they will likely to come again and again to see "what new you've posted". Within just 1 share, you could end up getting multiple likes, friends, and more. The key to your success hinges on whether or not you are social. It’s easy to ignore others on these pages, so try not to do that.

Give Something Away

One of the absolute best ways to gain influence is to give away something for free. This doesn’t have to be tangible, it could be a coupon, or a gift card, or it could be a useful piece of information if you’d like. The simple shout out could resonate long within the social media and get you a ton of subscribers and followers. It’s not a complicated endeavor, and could pay off dividends. This may seem a bit odd, but you’ll not only get 100% real people following you, but you will be able to gain more and more interaction, because people love free things.

Do Anything But Sleep

One of the worst things that you can do right now is ignore social networks. If you have a page that you seem to never update, or you just don’t feel that you have the time, you’re going to lose your market attention and could even lose out on the potential captive audience that awaits. Many companies start well and then fall off because they ignore their pages. Do not do that, or you could end up with lackluster results.

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