How To Promote Your Blog Or Website On Social Media

How To Promote Your Blog Or Website On Social Media
Social media has outgrown as one of the most popular and in-demand cyber tools that can be accessed by almost everyone. Irrespective of whether your run a small business website or personal blog; using social media in the right manner will aid you in growing customer base and traffic, simultaneously. Without entering into the complications of coding, you can easily create social media accounts and market your products and services in a result-oriented manner. Today, through this blog, I’ll be sharing some brilliant tips on promoting your blog or website via social media platform.

Why choose Social media for blog/website promotion?

In order to survive the hefty website/blogging competition, it is crucial for you to indulge in out-of-the-box promotional strategies. As today’s trending communication tool, social media is best suited for connecting with people and creating a “network”. You may opt for positioning yourself and your business on social media for gaining better marketing leverage and adding a good value to your brand.

And, now some handy tips that work wonders for promoting a blog/website via social media

Link your blog posts pages to your social media profiles

In order to take complete advantage of social media, opt for creating your account on various social networks including Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and post your individual blog posts on these profiles. Moreover, you may also choose to build your own Group or Community in order to expand interactions between your brand and the visitors.

Create curiosity for your blog posts by writing eye-catchy descriptions

As per a recent research, it has been found that a blog post with an enticing description receives more eyeballs as compared to the one that contains a plain description. The same thing applies to social media marketing as well. If you’re thinking about promoting your products and services via social media, make sure to include impressive descriptions for all the blog posts published by you. Try including questions within your blog post description to make readers respond by clicking on your link.

Add social sharing buttons

Even after placing brilliant quality content on your site, the unavailability of social media share buttons will restrict readers from sharing your awesome content. You can always add popular social sharing buttons on your site to boost its online presence. Some of the popular social sharing apps that have worked wonders for almost any blog include and

Re-share other people’s content

As an add-on to Tip No.3, I’d recommend you to share all the useful content that you come across while surfing different social networking websites. You need to understand the fact that by mentioning and sharing other people’s posts, you’re actually exposing your own profile and allowing people to reach your website or blog. This will not only let you promote your own products or services but will even portray that you’re open for healthy discussions on subjects that fall in your area of interest.

Get rid of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” ideology

Never force your way to gain more visitors for your site. In other words, you don’t have to follow more people just to urge them to follow you in return. Making people like your ideas and stuff is a lot more encouraging than requesting them to click on your posts and pages, irrespective of whether they liked them or not.


So, I’m sure by now you’d have got your answer for how to promote your blog or website on social media. Make sure to explore social networking sites to build a reputable persona online. If people follow you naturally, they’ll even love to purchase your products and/or work with you. Although a bit time taking, the wait for social media marketing results is worth it.

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