Picking the Perfect IT Path - Infographic

Picking the Perfect IT Path - Infographic
Are you frustrated and confused with trying to figure out what career path to follow in your quest for IT glory? IT is one of the fastest growing career fields, but choosing the right career path is an important decision that must be carefully considered. Should you go into programming, database administration, or technical support? Do you need an advanced degree such as a Master of Science, or can you get the success you crave with just an Associate’s degree and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears?

Many people may not realize this, but not all of the top IT jobs even require a degree. Software developer positions, for example, can be had with just self-taught knowledge and experience. Many software developers and engineers have never been to college, but they learn well on their own, apply the knowledge they have learned, and keep themselves up-to-date on the latest trends in software development. The same applies to web developers—sure, there are degree programs out there that include web development in the curriculum, but most web developers now are self-taught and use their portfolios to obtain work. Maybe this could be you!

For other positions, you will find yourself needing not only a degree, but also a certification. IT consultants, for example, often require a bachelor’s degree as well as a concentration or certification in a certain area. For still other positions, such as a network engineering position, employers are looking for a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree.

Making the right choice does not have to be a daunting task. KAlliance has created an infographic that outlines the top 12 IT jobs that will fast track your career. This infographic shows which jobs are the most lucrative in IT, and gives a synopsis of what their duties and job requirements are.
The 12 Top IT Jobs That Will Fast Track Your Career - infographic
The 12 Top Information Technology Jobs That Will Fast Track Your Career

Photo credit: flickr. Infographic source: kalliance. H/t: Mark Arnold.
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