The Rise Of The Feed - infographic

The Rise Of The Feed - A Look Back In Rss History - infographic
Did you know that the RSS feed first introduced by Yahoo in 1994, Yahoo began with the founders personally curating sites into a directory that makes exploring the internet easier for users. Later in 1997, registered as a domain name as part of mission to organize the clutter of the internet into a searchable entity.
Before the RSS feed, the internet was messy, fragmented and cluttered with isolated properties that were virtually undiscoverable. And with the rise of the feed - it became the way we discover all content. In 2014 the top 21 major new websites and the top 5 social media platforms All deliver their content through feed-based websites. The Feed has come a long way since its early days as simply a way to syndicate articles through an RSS steam. In Fact, more human beings are thumbing through content feeds on their mobile phones right now than any other form of media. How did we get here? Let's take walk down memory lane to review the seminal moments in the shift to a feed-based digital world - shall we?
The History Of The Feed infographic by ShareThrough
The Rise Of The Feed - A Look Back In Rss History - infographic

Key Takeaways from infographic:

In 1999, Netscape releases the humble RSS feed to help publishers syndicate information automatically - removing the burden of manual information maintenance from the users.

In 2006, Twitter launches feed feed-based micro-blogging platform.
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