10 Tips to Write Engaging Facebook Posts [infographic]

10 Tips To Maximize Your Facebook Engagement - infographic

The social media world is sometimes the opposite of the real world, especially for brands. For example, if you are walking on the street and realized that someone’s following you, it may not be the most positive experience. However when it comes to social media, the more followers the better!

It just doesn’t happen with you, every social media manager wants to get lots of followers, comments, interaction and reach. But with the change in the Facebook feed algorithm, it’s getting harder and harder to get more eyeballs on your every single post-update.

So how to craft engaging Facebook posts and what type of content can maximize your engagement? To help you out this infographic breaks down some tips for writing ‘likable’ Facebook posts:

Infographic courtesy of: We Are Social Media.
10 Tips For Social Media Managers To Maximize Your Facebook Page Engagement - infographic

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